Stripe in Dynamics 365

di Smart App Business Solutions Pty Ltd

Manage Stripe and data visualization directly from Dynamics 365

Stripe in Dynamics 365
This app adds a Stripe payment link to your sales and service management documents so customers can easily pay using Stripe.
This app enable businesses and nonprofits to interact with Stripe directly from Dynamics 365. This application can be used in Dynamics 365 Sales, Dynamics 365 Customer Service or purely in Power platform.
It is a two-way real time integration between Dynamics 365 and Stripe.

Benefits of Stripe in Dynamics 365
  • All the transactions taking place in Stripe are automatically synced and maintained against records in Customers or Donors in Dynamics 365.
  • Real time reporting capability with live transactions in Stripe.
  • Manage product and pricing directly from Dynamics 365.
  • Manage Customer, Subscriptions and Payment Methods directly from Dynamics 365.
  • Charge Customer directly from Dynamics 365 using a saved card or a new card.
  • Receive payment from anonymous customer or donor directly from Dynamics 365.

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