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Realestate solution & Property Management

REX is the business solution for commercial real estate companies. Whether you are a broker, property manager or investor: REX provides you with the tools to efficiently manage your Real Estate business and drive profitability.


REX is provided in convenient modules:

- Basic CRM: for any real estate organization to efficiently manage customers, real estate, communications and contracts.

- Commercial: ideal for Brokers and Investors to drive profitability by tools which allows for closing more Deals and effective Asset Management. Supports the processes of leasing, transaction and valuation.

- Service: ideal for Property Managers to provide service excellence to tenants and investors. Supports the process of Case to Resolution.

REX is integrated with a financial and contract module which provides a complete and unified CRM & ERP system for real estate businesses. Ability to setup portals for tenants, investors and suppliers are included in the solution.


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