TANDEM, by XRM Vision - Insurance Broker Solution

XRM Vision

The Broker Management System of choice for Group Insurance and Employee Benefits Profesionals

Broker Management System and CRM Built for Group Insurance Brokers

We are fully dedicated to providing a meaningful impact to the Group Insurance and Employee Benefits Industry.

Lead Management

  • Prospect Qualification
  • Lead Management

Sales Cycle Management

  • Sales Opportunity
  • Bids
  • Policy Management
  • Full CRM Capabilities

Broker Fee Management

  • Broker Contracts
  • Fee Management
  • Broker Licence Validation
  • External Broker Portal

Customer Service

  • Groups/Divisons
  • Administrator Web Portal
  • 360 Customer View

TPA - Third-Party Administrator

  • Policy Activation
  • Changes to policies
  • Renewals
  • Employment Termination
  • Document Management


  • Invoicing
  • Debiting Accounts
  • Crediting Accounts

XRM Vision is a CRM consulting firm that is driven by leading-edge expertise and a commitment to ensure the success of our clients. For more than 10 years, we have specialized in the design and implementation of customer relationship management solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 technologies.