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Easily categorize records in Dynamics CRM with structured or unstructured tags

xRM Consultancy’s Tagging solution allows users to ‘tag’ any record in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with either their own tags or previously entered tags. It can be configured so that only a predefined set of tags can be used however the normal set up is that anyone can contribute to the tag ‘catalog’.

Users simply enter a word or phrase they wish to tag a record with. As they start typing existing tag matches (included related synonyms) are automatically displayed for users to select, and if no match is found the user’s new tag is added to the Tag ‘catalog’.


  • Tag multiple records with multiple tags in one go
  • Parent Tags which enable a hierarchical taxonomy
  • Synonyms - help users find relevant tags by providing synonyms for your Tags
  • Tag colors - make important tags stand out or group similar tags
  • Dashboard
  • Auto post to "what's new" feed