TippSweet! FIFA World Cup 2018 Tiping Game

Experts Inside Gmbh

The FIFA World Cup 2018 tipping game for Office 365 and SharePoint

Soccer unites and inspires. Encourage your company communication & team spirit by using TippSweet!, fully integrated in your Microsoft Office 365 environment.

Regardless whether mobile, tablet or personal computer, TippSweet! fits your favourite device. Always be up to date and don’t miss any matches, while being able to discuss and share contemporary topics at the same time.

TippSweet! turns your intranet into a more interesting platform, spreads the enthusiasm on soccer across your intranet and increases the acceptance.

TippSweet! summed up:

  • Office 365 Integration

  • SharePoint Connection

  • Yammer Integration

  • Intranet Imbedding

  • Fully Costumizable


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