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Infowise Smart List Pro

Infowise Solutions Ltd

5.0 (6)

Tab, column and view permission, personalized form layout

Your SharePoint is already an almost perfect platform for running most business applications you will ever need. Now it's just time to fill in some gaps to make it truly great!

  • Design your SharePoint form using tabbed interface, apply permissions to tabs and use them as stages of your business process
  • Or set permissions for individual columns, according to conditions and current user identity
  • Set permissions on list views, set different default views for different users
  • Apply column/tab permissions on the fly when changing values of other columns on the form
  • Advanced input validation rules, applied according to conditions and current user identity
  • Set initial column values for new items, even set different values for different users
  • Custom layout and styling for each form
  • No tools required, configuration done directly in the app
  • No need for coding, no drag'n'drop and no design surfaces
  • Changes to the form are applied as you save, no need to deploy
  • The original list form is always used, it is not modified or replaced by any custom form

Register for a free 30-day trial when you first run the app. Satisfied? Purchase a license directly from within the app.