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Sage 50c Intelligence Reporting Cloud

Sage Intelligence

1.0 (4)

This Excel based reporting solution provides a means for quick and easy analysis of Sage 50 data.

Sage 50c Intelligence Reporting Cloud is a secure and easy to use Excel Reporting application, that gives you the ability to easily view and design your financial and operational reports within Microsoft® Excel®. Intelligence Reporting integrates with Sage 50c to securely access your company data and link it to standard and customised Excel reports. Your reports are automatically refreshed to give you the latest company information anywhere, at any time.

Please note:

-This add-in requires a Sage 50c account.

-This add-in has been tested with Excel Client on a windows environment and Excel Online on the below browsers:

-Chrome (Version 42.0.2311.90 and above) in a windows environment

-Internet Explorer (Version 10 and above) in a windows environment

Funzionalità del componente aggiuntivo
Se usato, questo componente aggiuntivo:
  • Può leggere e apportare modifiche nel documento
  • Può inviare dati tramite Internet