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OnePlaceMail for Outlook

OnePlace Solutions

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Save email and attachments from Outlook to SharePoint and Microsoft Teams Channels


OnePlace Solutions is a Microsoft Gold partner, trusted by customers and partners around the globe for over 18 years. We're enabling people in business to do more, simply. Personal and organization productivity is enhanced through the connection of Microsoft Outlook with SharePoint and Microsoft Teams. Our customers are finding greater adoption of business solutions and active usage of Office 365 with OnePlaceMail. Example customer usage includes:

  • Electronic Document and Records Management (EDRMS) solutions
  • Project Management and team collaboration
  • Legal teams who would like to stay in Outlook across devices and remain productive with legal matter management
  • Email Management in SharePoint using a familiar Microsoft Outlook experience
  • SharePoint / Office 365 adoption


OnePlaceMail brings SharePoint to where you work and enables people in business to do more, simply.

  • Greater collaboration: Save content from Microsoft Outlook to Microsoft Teams channels from any device
  • Modern workplace: Simplify the action of moving conversations from Outlook email into Microsoft Teams
  • Organizational productivity: Active usage of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 in a modern workplace by bringing together Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams
  • SharePoint and Office 365 Adoption: Promote the active use of SharePoint and Microsoft Teams
  • Personal Productivity: Save emails and attachments to SharePoint from any device running Microsoft Outlook
  • Information and records management: capture true and accurate records for better information management and collaboration


Save to Microsoft Teams and SharePoint from:

  • Outlook for iOS (iPhone / iPad)
  • Outlook for Android
  • Web Browser (OWA)
  • macOS (Outlook 2016+)
  • Windows (Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, Outlook Office 365)


  • Microsoft Office 365: You require Office 365 SharePoint Online and Exchange Online account to use this add-in.


  • Microsoft Teams: Save emails and attachments to a Microsoft Teams Channel
  • Microsoft Teams: Post a conversation to a Teams channel for saved items
  • Save emails and attachments from Microsoft Outlook to SharePoint libraries
  • Automatically capture and promote email attributes to SharePoint columns
  • Remain productive in Outlook, all saving is done in the background
  • Works on Outlook for iOS (iPhone / iPad), Android (phone), MAC, OWA and Windows
  • Fast and consistent user experience on all devices running Microsoft Outlook
  • Save emails to SharePoint Online in the background and continue working in Outlook
  • Save email attachments and capture metadata
  • Capture email attributes (e.g. To, CC, From, Subject, etc.) and promote to SharePoint columns
  • Duplicate email / document checking when saving to SharePoint
  • Rename attachment when saving
  • Select a content type for a SharePoint location
  • For saved emails the Outlook category is set as 'Transferred to SharePoint'
  • Intuitively Pin locations and use Recent locations for fast saving of content
  • Easily search for SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, libraries, folders, document sets and channels
  • Perform follow on actions after saving content


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