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Auscomp Clocks and Timers


Perfect timing! Word Clocks with slider for local time equivalent. Plus alarm, stopwatch and timer.

Clocks and Timers offers:

1. World Clock: Hundreds of cities to choose from showing night & daylight hours. Drag & drop them to the order you want, then use the brilliant slider to pinpoint the exact time where you can both have that discussion or presentation - without the embarrassment of accidentally getting it wrong and either waking them or calling after hours.

2. Alarm: Set the alarm with (or without) sound, so you never forget to take that call or go to that tutorial, presentation or meeting. Use it to remind yourself to move around, stretch and drink some water which is all too easy to forget about when you're deep in a project.

3. Stopwatch: Ever wondered how much time you're REALLY spending on that document? This is an easy way to log it so you can put it on your time sheet without losing track. Also an easy way to prove how much time you take for your break or at the photocopier if someone's enquiring!

4. Timer: Set the incremental timer to motivate yourself to get things done faster and more effectively and efficiently. Then you can enjoy your breaks more and bonus - never miss that parking meter or appointment(s) again.

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