Manage Metadata

di Crooze Corporation

Easily view, edit or add metadata to your documents in Box. Box login is required.

You no longer need to go to Box to view, edit or add metadata. Crooze Contract Management for Box has come to Word. Quickly view metadata on a document or contract as you are authoring the document in Word.


  • Box and Crooze for Box is required for you to use this application.

  • You can open Word documents from Box Drive or open Word documents from the Box Web Interface using Microsoft Word Online.

  • If you are using Internet Explorer you are required to log in to prior to loading the Add-in.

Funzionalità del componente aggiuntivo

Se usato, questo componente aggiuntivo:
  • Può leggere e apportare modifiche nel documento
  • Può inviare dati tramite Internet

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