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Pueo Insight for Word and Powerpoint

Pueo Business Solutions LLC

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Glance extended information for words while you write.

With so much data accessible, why can’t you automatically receive relevant detail for content you are reading or writing without having to search?

Guess what? You can!

With Pueo INSIGHT for MS Office for Word and Powerpoint installed, watch key terms emerge from your reading and writing windows emerge in the right pane, offering you information it has available from hundreds of subscribed data sources without the need to search.

Built to behave in the same fashion as grammar-check extensions, Pueo INSIGHT expands text recognize-and-return functionality to apply against any user interest (grammar, politics, sports, business, contacts, and more). Subscribe to hundreds of free libraries, select the Wikipedia data feed, or create your libraries or API connectors to quickly and easily retrieve data.

Visit ti create an account and don't forget to check out our FAQ/Tips section for getting the best out of INSIGHT.

Want to get the most out of INSIGHT? Visit to download its sister Chrome Reader and Writer extensions.

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