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Access iplicit ltd data within Excel

iplicit ltd is the cloud-based accounting software that is tailored for the frustrated on-premise legacy software user. Providing greater flexibility and enhanced levels of reporting, iplicit ltd integrates into other cloud applications and now with Excel.

With the iplicit ltd Excel add-in you can establish a secure connection to your environment and extract data into your spreadsheets. All your Enquiries are available within the add-in providing a fast and practical integration.

This Excel add-in and all associated features are solely available for licensed users of iplicit ltd and require iplicit ltd login credentials to be able to use it. There are no additional charges or in-app purchases included as part of the usage.

For any usage queries please contact If you wish to become a licensed user, please contact

Funzionalità dell'app

Quando questa app viene usata,
  • Può leggere e apportare modifiche nel documento
  • Può inviare dati tramite Internet

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