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Social27 AI

Social27 Inc.

Accelerate the buyers journey by serving their needs in real-time.

Imagine if your marketers and sellers had their own intelligent personal assistant?

The Social27 AI Assistant accelerates sales and customer engagement through a human-friendly conversation experience.

The Assistant not only automates repetitive admin work, but identifies buyer intent with intelligent q&a, qualifies the lead, sets up a sales meeting or invites the seller to the chat if the buyer is ready to engage.

The Assistant also provides the sales teams with content, context and insights into a prospect’s readiness to buy right inside of Teams so they can prioritize account outreach and have a conversation that maps directly to the buyer’s needs.

Access to real engagement insights and ROI not just # of downloads and views

The right data insights are vital to developing and optimizing the perfect content experience for your customers. The Social27 dashboard gives you the ability to easily document, analyze and report on which content items are accelerating the journey to sale and which content is just introducing friction.

Additionally marketers get data on the impact of their content on the sales pipeline and ultimately revenue, this enables a transparent view of the ROI of marketing campaigns.

COMING SOON - Playlist: Personalized B2B content to accelerate sales

B2B buyers often find themselves chasing and hunting for all the information they need for their purchase decision. Even when they express intent, they are put into a drip campaign which “drips” the related content items to them slowly, over a long timeline, why?

Social27 Playlist enables an on-demand personalized content experience, answers questions in real-time and accelerates their journey to an informed buying decision, hopefully in your favor.

Powered by Social27 AI services that predict and automate content recommendations based on the account propensity, buyers intent, interaction and expressed interest.


[#L1] Automate & Augment to Reduce Sales Friction [/#L1]

[#L1] Deep Content Insights & ROI [/#L1]

In order to use the app, the user needs to have an Social27 AI account. Don't have an account? Simple sign-up for a new account by submitting a request at

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