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Add to Meeting for Sherpany


Export Word documents or PowerPoint presentations directly to your meeting agenda and #gettimeback

Easily add documents you created to a meeting agenda. After you're done with your presentation, add the document to a meeting agenda without leaving Powerpoint or Word.

Sherpany is the leading meeting management solution and serves some of Europe’s largest companies. With our platform we transform decision-making in leadership meetings to enable better decision making at a lower time-cost.

For Decisive Leaders

Sherpany facilitates retrieval and assessment of relevant information to foster aligned and decisive leadership meetings.

This add-in requires a Sherpany account.

Funzionalità del componente aggiuntivo
Se usato, questo componente aggiuntivo:
  • Può leggere e apportare modifiche nel documento
  • Può inviare dati tramite Internet