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Business travel is always personal.

AmTrav is the new way to make business travelers, bookers, and bottom liners successful, productive, and happy. By bringing AmTrav into Microsoft Teams, your travelers can instantly chat with our travel advisors on any device where Microsoft Teams is enabled. An active company account is required to book travel. If your company does not already work with AmTrav, please get in touch to set up an AmTrav travel program for your company.

How it works: Ask your Microsoft Teams administrator to make the AmTrav app available to your travelers. Travelers can then just type any message into the app to reach our travel advisors for assistance. It's that easy.

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  • Questo componente aggiuntivo può accedere alle informazioni personali nel messaggio attivo, ad esempio numeri di telefono, indirizzi postali o URL. Il componente aggiuntivo può inviare i dati a un servizio di terze parti. Non può leggere o modificare altri elementi presenti nella cassetta postale dell'utente.

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