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Desk & Meeting Room Booking, Book Any Space & more for a Hybrid Workplace

Smarten Spaces' product, Jumpree for Microsoft Teams, is an award winning comprehensive digital workplace platform. As most companies move to work in hybrid, the solution focuses on providing employees with tools to enhance their experience and increase productivity as they juggle between home and the office. It also helps companies optimize and better utilize their spaces in a flexible world

The main features of the solution are:

1. The solution allows employees to choose their workdays and schedules, set up their Favourites list, and find their colleagues across multiple office locations.

2. It provides employees with an easy to use solution to book meeting rooms & collaboration spaces, their favorite desks, and other spaces across the office using interactive 3D floor maps with wayfinding capabilities.

3. Reporting analytics can help companies optimize their spaces. They can allocate spaces to specific departments & individuals and see the utilization of their spaces.

4. The platform offers seamless integration with Azure AD, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Teams, making it easy to use and deploy for companies.

5. It comes with pre-integrated complementary technology products including calendars, video conferencing links, etc.

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