Portfolio Exporter

Projectum ApS

Export all your project status reports in one file for Word or PowerPoint

Portfolio Exporter exports data from Microsoft Project Online into reports in Microsoft Office programs Word and PowerPoint automatically. This is a must have tool for project managers. With Portfolio Exporter, you are only a click away from generating an updated portfolio reports of all the project that you own or within specified department etc. – it has never been easier! The Portfolio Exporter has a wide range of possibilities for exporting all standard project online fields as well as all custom fields. For instance, there is the possibility to export the Schedule, or filter only on milestones, etc.

It is possible to export both root site and project site SharePoint lists, such as Risk, Issues, Snapshot etc. Filter lists on specific elements, e.g. only active risks or risks that have the highest exposure.

Furthermore, Portfolio Exporter can push data from Projectum’s Financial Management add-in, and here the output can have the exact same look as in Project Online, which will give the user high recognizability from Project Online.

There is a 30-day free trial, after this please contact Projectum for a license agreement and pricing details.