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Format long and complex formulas for a better readability and understanding

Do your spreadsheets contain long formulas? Do you need to understand, modify, edit or build long formulas? Then you must understand the pain of working with long and complex formulas today. It's a headache because formulas are always jam-packed letter by letter in one line. A good formatting would easily make meaning of formulas and functions apparent. Pretty Formula formats long and complex formula, to make them easy to read and understand, to make your daily Excel life pretty.

Excel formula language is the most popular programming language nowadays. The recent evolution of the language such as dynamic arrays and LAMBDA function makes the Excel formula language extremely powerful; today's functions and formulas permit of accomplishing lots of automation and calculation that was impossible before. Therefore, Excel advanced users, spreadsheet consultants, VBA developers tend to build more and more, sophisticated formulas; Excel novice users may not build formulas in the beginning, but they may need to understand or modify existing formulas in their spreadsheets. Pretty Formula aims to help in all these use cases.

  • Given a long and complex formula, Pretty Formula automatically and smartly suggests an easy-to-understand formatting in several lines with appropriate with whitespace indentation and proper nesting.
  • You could tune the "Width Limit" and see different ways of formatting a same formula. This will allow you to quickly see how functions are used and understand their logic.
  • When working on a spreadsheet containing lots of formulas, turn on Pretty Formula, navigate through cells in the spreadsheet, you will see their formula is systematically formatted in the editor of Pretty Formula.
  • Features such as parentheses matching, syntax highlighting and coloring, text finding and replacing are also provided by the editor, which will ease you formula editing.[#/LI] [#LI]Finally, you could write a modified formula back to spreadsheet.

In this new version of Pretty Formula, we especially addressed: 1) multi-languages support; 2) R1C1 reference style; 3) the revolutionary LAMBDA function; 4) newly-introduced array functions and formulas; 5) linked data types; 6) structured table references, etc. Additionally, we enabled the authentication system in the tool so that you could sign in to save your preferences and parameters of using the tool. More details can be found in

Try out Pretty Formula, no fear of long formulas anymore!

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