Matae Change Leader

di Advance Change Pty Ltd

Bring change management into the flow of your leaders' work. Everyday!

### **Matae Change Management Platform**

The Matae Change Manage platform is a dual web application and Microsoft Teams application suite that brings change into the flow of leaders’ everyday work. Matae connects business leaders and change teams to collaborate, focus their efforts and effectively drive change to deliver better business results.

### **Matae Change Leader**

Leader’s access the Matae Change Management Platform via the Matae Change Leader application designed for Teams. The Matae Change Leader Teams application delivers a personalized experience to activate leaders to lead change effectively throughout the entire life-cycle of any change program. It makes it easier for leaders to navigate change with their teams by providing clarity of their role, ease of access to resources and seamless connection and collaboration with change teams and project sponsors.

### **Matae Change Leader functionality**

- Project Notification and Discussion Board

- Project Details Page

- Personalized Change Plan

- My Team Insights

- Project Shared File Store

- Automated Chat Notification Cards (for new project allocations, notification alerts, automated task reminders and more)

### **What about the bigger picture?**

For organizations, The Matae Change Management Platform is an enabler of rapid, scalable and repeatable change! It allows organizations to manage all their change projects from a single platform, improving the efficiency of change effort, increasing accountability, and helping organizations grow change capability!

_Matae Change Leader is only available with the purchase of the Matae Change Management Platform available on Microsoft AppSource._

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