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3AG Systems - Line chart with absolute variance

3AG Systems

2.0 (1)

Automatically calculates absolute variance and displays data in a line chart with the variance on to

Line Chart with Absolute Variance takes two datasets and automatically calculates the absolute variance between the two data. It plots the two datasets in a line chart and shows absolute variance on top of the line for each category. The visualization is influenced by the International Business Communication Standards (IBCS) where colors red and green are used to flag the bad and good indicators respectively.

Customization options include: inversing the colors for red and green; resizing the data label font sizes; hiding data labels; increasing or decreasing decimal places; adjusting value to thousands (K), millions (M), and billions (B); drilling-down hierarchical data; adjusting number of characters to show on x-axis labels ; rotating x-axis labels for clarity; hovering capability to show full text for truncated x-axis labels and more.

This chart is useful to compare “Actual vs. Planned”, “Actual vs. Previous Year”, “Forecast vs. Planned”, and “Forecast vs. Previous Year” data.

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