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Generative AI driven natural language insights(NLG) in a few clicks with the Phrazor Power BI plugin

Introducing Phrazor Plugin for Power BI, the ultimate solution for adding automated natural language insights to your dashboards.

Are you tired of spending hours analyzing data and manually creating insights in Power BI? Look no further! Phrazor Power BI Plugin is here to simplify your insight generation process by leveraging ChatGPT and save you valuable time.

With Phrazor you can:

  • Summarize your dashboard in Natural Language
  • Generate crisp insights with reasoning
  • Enhance dashboard adoption
  • Get language-based insights for non-technical stakeholder.

Generate summaries by collating insights from our 6 type of topics:

  • Descriptor: Analyze various measures on the basis of any dimension or time through Descriptor.


    • Out of the 4 Brands Samsung and iPhone were the top Brands having Sales of [385K,374K] in the last 3 months.

  • Change: Study and analyze growth or decline in a measure over time through Change.


    • In the last 3 months, only Samsung experienced growth at 5.61 (▲ 7033.85) in terms of Sales. Within Samsung there was a growth in sales for Samsung S20+ (▲ 4.12K) and Samsung S20 (▲ 1.63K).

  • Compare: Here you can compare values for specific measures and dimensions.


    • Since January-2017, contribution of iPhone in terms of sales declined by 1.93% whereas same for Samsung grew by 1.87%

  • Target: The Target feature lets you measure variance between the target value and actual value for different dimensions.


    • Since january 2017, only iPhone underachieved in terms of of sales against their target

  • Budget: Budget provides spend visibility and analysis to reduce costs and improve results.


    • In the last 3 months, all the Samsung Models had an expense incurred of 23%

  • Trend: Shows you abnormal increase and change over a period of time.


    • Since January-2017, overall trend of iPhone shows an decrease in Sales whereas in March-2017 it grew by 3.34%

Focus on what really matters:

  • Experience AI generated natural language data storytelling with Phrazor, making it simple for you to communicate insights to your team.
  • Effortlessly create insights in just a few clicks with Phrazor Power BI plugin that leverages AI.
  • Personalize your insights using our intuitive interface, enabling you to customize them to suit your unique needs ensuring that you get the insights that matter most to your business.
  • Choose from multiple deployment models, including Phrazor's Private Cloud and Customer-hosted Deployment behind their own firewall (on cloud or on premise), to best suit your business needs.


  • Save valuable time by automating and simplifying the insight generation process.
  • Create fully interactive narratives for all visualizations or underlying data not displayed on your dashboard.
  • Receive easy-to-understand and actionable insights through natural language insights
  • Free up time to focus on other important tasks with the automated insight generation process by Phrazor
  • Improve communication: Our natural language insights make it easy to communicate insights to your team, improving collaboration and decision-making.


Experience 14 days of unlimited usage, absolutely free! Afterwards, enjoy the power of Phrazor for only $5 per user per month.

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