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Enhance Insights: Hierarchy Filter with Display Values, Search, Navigation, Rule Formatting & More

With the xViz Hierarchy Filter, you can now display values related to slicer selections. Add a new degree of comprehension to your filters. You can also define a default level of end-user expansion and display child counts.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Value Filter - Filter down values to show values greater than, less than, equal to, and many other combinations with built-in filter options.
  • Conditional Formatting - Highlight specific selections on the category, value, or both to show outliers based on set rules.
  • Context Menu - Right-click any selection to Collapse/expand all items, re-arrange the items, and apply conditional formatting on the fly.
  • Single Child Display - Change the way single child hierarchy is set up.
  • Search Bar - Ability to search through the categories to filter the slicer based on the values.
  • Support for unbalanced hierarchies - Hide any category or values that are blank with a single click.
  • Node Styling - Customize parent nodes and child nodes with up/down, arrows or plus/minus expandable icons.
Why choose xViz visuals?

  • Portfolio of 20 advanced enterprise grade visuals with 50K users

  • Trusted by 1500+ customers including fortune 500 companies

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To know more about how the visual can empower your reporting in Power BI, visit - Hierarchy Filter Resources

Have any feature requests or queries about the visual? - Reach us at xViz Community

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