Dual Axis Linechart with Legends


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Visually compare two fields with legend and secondary axis.

The Dual Axis line chart with Legends provides all the benefits of a line chart with legend and secondary y axis where user can plot two units of data according his/her need. Also used for comparing trends and movement in the data on the basis of year, date or time
The visual is great and helpful for users who needs dual y axis and legends on line chart. It is best for comparing sales data or any trend for the two years or two fields simultaneously which requires different axes.

  • For marketing team, where they have to compare different product’s sale and cost on advertisement with revenue target for the year at the same time.
  • For sales team, for comparing the performance of sales team member according the sales made and sales target for the current period.

Features in this always free visual:
Rich Formatting Options - titles, labels, and tooltips, font sizes, colors, background colors.

Features available through advanced customization using our editing tool :
Layout Options : Deep customization including options that Power BI doesn't allow to edit in Desktop
  • Additional Features - Custom shapes for markers and custom styles for line
  • Custom label formatting
  • Custom Tooltip formatting

This visual was developed with our PBIVizEdit tool, an incredibly powerful click-and-select self-service Power BI custom-visual editor.
With the tool, you can
  • Select-click to create and modify Power BI custom visuals
  • Takes 15 mins - no coding needed
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