Multi-channel Client Correspondence PaaS


Manage personalised, and targeted multi-channel client correspondence

Clever and simple client correspondence with Airdocs.

Send highly personalised, and targeted multi-channel client correspondence every time, simply by enhancing your current infrastructure with Airdocs. 

Making your clients feel special is easier than you think - give clients a choice in how they receive client correspondence, digitally or by post. Most businesses fail to live up to expectations because Customer Communication Management (CCM) can be laborious, time consuming and costly to get right. Airdocs has automated the process to provide a simpler, better, faster, more manageable and cost-effective client correspondence solution that puts your clients first.

At the push of a button your clients can receive correspondence through

    • any channel
    • any format
    • any device

Focus on your client whilst benefiting from our clever correspondence tool
    • stay the owner of your environment
    • deliver personalised correspondence from any core system
    • a fully cloud-based SaaS solution
    • providing a single, integrated platform

These business benefits belong to you
    • deliver the "best in class" client experience
    • reduce internal friction and cost associated with manual paper and document processes
    • track and manage all correspondence ensuring automated compliance
    • personalise every piece of correspondence
    • allow your clients to receive correspondence through any channel, 24/7
    • achieve brand consistency across all correspondence

Get your business out in front
  • Digitally sign all correspondence
  • Accessibility for the visually impaired
  • Safely customise complex agreements & documents on the fly
  • Tick all your regulatory boxes: comply, track & archive

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