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Build inclusion, improve staff wellbeing and resolve common queries with AVA

AVA is a virtual assistant built on Microsoft Teams using AI to build inclusive solutions, enhance productivity and wellbeing 

  • Do employees find it difficult to find information about common topics?
  • Are you looking for an effective way to track staff feedback and open conversation?

AVA is a conversational assistant that uses machine learning to surface valuable information on staff wellbeing.

Built within Microsoft Teams, AVA provides a friendly interface for employees to confidently provide anonymous feedback. As AVA becomes part of a user's workflow it will ask questions related to that individual's wellbeing such as ‘How has this week been for you?’ or ‘What didn’t work well this week?’. This allows a user to feedback in an effective manner and provides the organisation with oversight of morale and current sentiment across the organisation or specific groups.

Education and Health and Social care sectors can use this app to surface overall concerns, sentiment and create an individual feedback loop, which can bring us sensitive concerns which can be addressed.

With its intuitive interface built into Microsoft Teams, your firstline, remote and office-based employees can ask common questions and discover content across the organisation, saving time and allowing an organisation to:

  • Streamline knowledge capture by allowing employees to gain answers quickly.
  • Reinforce a culture of wellbeing through capturing feedback confidently and safely
  • Report on success through an organisational view of sentiment and knowledge finding

Through asking questions and searching for knowledge AVA learns what people want to know and can steer the organisation in the right direction for knowledge capture and growth.

With employee feedback, AVA grows to become a real-time employee engagement platform for collating praise, concerns and overall feedback to provide people with a space for wellbeing needs.

AVA isn’t just for the office when interacting with students or staff members it can gather targeted feedback on a schedule that suits, enabling this through Microsoft Teams is an effective way of gathering feedback that isn’t a bi-annual survey!

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