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Maximize IT asset ROI: Manage complete IT asset lifecycle with our all-in-one asset unified platform

  • Are your IT costs too high, complicating the planning of your IT budget?
  • Do you face challenges in maintaining and updating IT assets across multiple locations?
  • Is it hard to find relevant information during incidents or when planning changes?

IT Asset Management (ITAM) provides a comprehensive overview of all IT assets. Optimize each stage of the IT asset lifecycle from acquisition to disposal within a single point of truth. Track the asset’s location, status, ownership, history and warranty expiration that helps you to streamline hardware and software renewals. IT Asset Management offers accurate data for cost-effective budget planning, speed up incident resolution and effectively plan change management. Gain audit trails for asset accountability reducing the risk of lost or idle assets.

CMDB diagram

A perfectly mapped infrastructure with integrated data from multiple sources ensures enhanced security, efficient change management, and quicker incident resolution using CMBD configuration.

HW & SW Discovery

Automatically detect active devices via TCP/IP, wherever they’re located, without overloading or slowing down servers.

Effective end point management with Intune & ALVAO

Connect ALVAO to Microsoft Intune for real-time information on all devices, including computers, iOS or Android mobile phones, and smart devices.

Manage your IT assets in SCCM integration

Enrich ALVAO data with SCCM records. Get more detailed insight into the usage of devices, software, and cloud resources.

Discover devices and other infrastructure elements in your network

With ALVAO SNMP Network Discovery, get an overview of all network elements and devices in your network.

Discovery Agent

Detect automatically with Autonomous Agent and Agentless Asset Discovery all computers (Windows, Linux, macOS), printers, monitors, servers, and more, both within and outside your network. With continuous background detection, there's no need to manually initiate searches – ALVAO handles it for you.

Inventory Audit

Our asset inventory management software ensures accuracy, reducing your inventory process from months to just a few weeks. By assigning responsibility to individual employees rather than the entire IT department, we streamline the process.

Connect ALVAO with your business apps

Integrate Asset Management with third-party applications like ERP and IT infrastructure monitoring tools to speed up data sharing, reduce processing time, and optimize your infrastructure to meet your specific needs.

M365 Optimization Report

ALVAO helps you optimise your Microsoft 365 spend by connecting and analyzing usage data, identifying cost saving opportunities such as disabled or inactive users and double-licensed users. Licence optimisation can reduce costs by up to 30%.

The most valued features by our customers:

  • Asset tracking in a logical tree structure to ensure ease of sorting and overview.
  • Mobile inventory app for seamless off-site asset documentation.
  • Quicky-easy deployment and a unique licensing model that saves costs.
  • A fully mature IT environment with seamless connection between Service Desk and Asset Management.
  • ALVAO helps with compliance with security certifications like ISO 27001, ISO 19770, Cyber Essentials, SOC 2, NIS2 etc.

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