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Unify and unlock your customer data with machine learning.

The Intelligent Customer Data Foundation POC

The smarter way to manage and unify all your customer data

Amperity was designed so you can use all your customer data in any system

Customer data is probably one of your most valuable yet underutilized assets. It empowers you to make intelligent business decisions, personalize communications, and understand and retain your best customers. Unfortunately, if you are like most brands, you can’t fully leverage the gold mine of known customer data that you already possess.

Amperity solves this problem by:

  • Bringing in all your customer data with Amperity-built data pipes that ingest raw data from all your disconnected sources
  • Intelligently unifying your data using machine learning to resolve identities and build complete customer views
  • Giving you direct access to your data with marketer-friendly visual and SQL segmentation experiences
  • Connecting all your systems of action with Amperity-built data pipes and 24/7 monitoring

Raw ingestion from all your existing systems

Amperity starts with a new way to ingest data, bringing it in raw, complete, and in its native format, with no schema mapping, connectors, or data transformations needed.

Machine learning-powered identity resolution

Amperity provides an entirely new approach to identity resolution that leverages machine learning and the power of the cloud to build the most complete profiles possible.

Custom attributes, segments, and tables

Amperity lets you customize the shape of your data for any system or any use case, creating a diverse set of segments, tables, and databases.

Designed for rapid iteration and enterprise scale

We built Amperity for the flexibility you need to keep pace with a rapidly changing world, scaling as you grow, and allowing you to iterate as you learn, develop, and evolve.

*POC is limited to up to 3 data sources.

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