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Update Word & PowerPoint from Excel content, including text, tables, charts, and images.

This Marketplace offer provides the primary way to purchase individual and business subscription access to the AnalysisPlace Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in (and API).

If you have not already tried the add-in, you can try it for free:

About the Excel-to-Word Document Automation Add-in

The add-in allows you to improve productivity by automating updates of Excel content into Word and PowerPoint documents. Updatable content includes text, tables, charts, lists, and images.

This powerful add-in makes it easy to manage the “dynamic” content using robust, portable links.

Merge content from any new or existing Excel workbook into any new or existing Word or PowerPoint document.

Optionally, use personal and business templates to rapidly select and generate documents from within Excel.

Key Benefits

  • Improve productivity - eliminate repeated copy/paste from Excel
  • Avoid clerical errors - ensure your documents are always updated accurately
  • Rely on robust links that won’t break when you share your documents or change your file names. Unlike the native Office linking, you can: rename files, copy/paste and reorganize content, email/share the linked files, etc.
  • Reduce costs - avoid expensive/complex document automation apps; leverage the familiarity and power of Microsoft Office
  • Improve brand compliance - enable users to instantly create documents from approved update-to-date templates

How it Works

  1. Link your content once: name source items (ranges, charts, and images) in Excel; tag destination content in Word and/or PowerPoint
  2. Update your Word or PowerPoint document many times: "Submit" content from Excel; then "Update" content in Word or PowerPoint
Common Use Cases

  • Personalized sales and marketing collateral, including beautiful-looking proposals, quotes, business cases, pitches, and presentations
  • Data-rich business reports and presentations
  • Financial documents (with hundreds of tables and charts)
  • Assessment and evaluation results reports
  • Scientific, technical and engineering reports
  • Information-intensive contracts and legal documents
  • Complex forms automation and mail merge
  • Custom datasheets, dashboards, and infographics

For developers, AnalysisPlace also provides innovative and powerful REST-based document generation APIs. The add-in makes it easy to manage templates and to configure and test the APIs.

Purchase Options

There are 3 purchase options. During checkout, click "Change Plan" to ensure you select the desired plan option.

For Individuals:
  • Buy a Standard, Pro, or Elite tier subscription
  • The subscription license is automatically assigned to the buyer
For Businesses (multiple users):

Purchase either a "Usage-Based" or a "Per-User" subscription.

Includes optional Business features, such as template-based document generation, workbook version control, and API access

Usage-Based (pay-as-you-go) business subscription

  • You are billed at the end of month based on actual usage
  • Monitor usage at any time in the admin portal
  • Cost per usage-tier (automatically determined based on actual usage):
      • Standard tier: $15 (1 credit)
      • Pro tier: $45 (3 credits)
      • Elite tier: $120 (8 credits)
  • This is the lowest cost option for most organizations due to its flexibility (no cost for inactive users in a month & automatic upgrades/downgrades)
  • Very easy to manage (you don't need to assign licenses to users)
  • Volume discount (up to 45%) is automatically applied

Per-User (per seat) business subscription

  • Purchase total # of credits, then assign tier licenses (Standard, Pro, or Elite) to named users (or credits to API Keys) in the admin portal. Increase or decrease credits purchased, as needed.
  • Pay at the start of the month
  • Commit to 3-month license (you can upgrade users at any time)
  • Best for organizations with consistent/predictable usage
  • Up to 45% discount on volume purchases (you can select packs of 20, 100, or 1000 credits at a discount)
  • Includes optional features to make it easier to manage users: AutoUpgrade (if user reaches usage limit), AutoActivate (automatically license new authorized users), and administrator notifications

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