Aspen Fidelis™

di Aspen Technology Inc

An AspenTech Asset Performance Management Solution

Aspen Fidelis is a reliability modeling tool that enables owner operators and EPCs to determine probable outcomes—spanning design, capacity, operations, maintenance, logistics and market dynamics—and quantify the financial impact on any asset, unit or site.

Aspen Fidelis Reliability is a process reliability analysis tool uniquely designed to:

  • Understand process flows and the level of impact potential failures will have on overall plant operations and revenue.
  • Quickly and confidently validate model logic and results using flexible, open platform technology.

You can use Aspen Fidelis to:

  • Achieve upfront design optimization by incorporating reliability analysis into the conceptual design feed phase when improvements are most impactful and least expensive
  • Optimize design redundancy and buffering to support availability and maximize Return on Capital (ROC)
  • Determine the optimum number of spares needed with confidence

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