Auk Industries end-to-end Industrial IoT solution

di Auk Industries Pte Ltd

Plug-and-Play Digital Factory solution that can be setup within hours, like a "Fitbit-for-machines"

Auk Industrial plug-and-play Digital Factory solution can be deployed to any machines within hours, like a "Fitbit-for-machines". The real-time data from the production lines and machines are then streamed immediately to software analytics platform that can be setup and is ready-to-use on Day 1, without any complex customization. Auk Industries solution has been successfully deployed at more than 150 factories globally.

Clients Business Objectives:
1) Tracking, Management and Analysis of Real-time Performance of Machines and Production Lines to Improve Shopfloor Productivity
(TEEP, OEE, Trend, Pareto analysis, System-Level-Modelling, Auto-Cycle time recognition, SKU-Specific performance analysis, Heatmap study, Track-and-Trace)

2) Monitoring and Optimization of CCP and Energy of Machines

3) Optimization fo Machine Maintenance based on Actual Usage and Condition

Industries Served:
Food and Beverage manufacturing, FMCG manufacturing, Automotive/Aerospace Precision Engineering industry (CNC, stamping, laser cutting machines), Injection Molding industry, Chemical and Pharmaceutical plants

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