AVEVA™ Unified Supply Chain


Ensures security, visibility of supply chain knowledge, and data access to business systems

Legacy point solutions prevent companies from effectively reacting to rapidly changing marketing conditions. AVEVA Unified Supply Chain’s single source of knowledge allows enterprises to share and communicate decisions between diverse teams, promoting collaboration and discussion across global locations.

AVEVA Unified Supply Chain ensures security and visibility of supply chain knowledge, with simple, consistent access to data and easy integration to external business systems. For the first time, planning, scheduling, assay, and supply distribution can share the same understanding of the plant and of the business. Let users concentrate on their tasks while building on established business rules.

Modern Architecture – Built from the Ground Up

  • Single, unified, enterprise application across all supply chain activities.
  • Enable new workflows that cross traditional tool boundaries.
  • Built-in collaboration providing broad user accessibility to a unified decision-making tool.
  • Enable better decision making through transparency, interactivity, and analytics.

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