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Creating relevant, personalized, actionable, and intelligent AI content search is easier than ever.

Find. Don’t search.

Traditional search is no longer enough. Users want to find answers. They need hyper-relevant content search solutions to find exactly what they’re looking for with less effort and fewer headaches.

BA Insight for Azure AI Search is an AI content search solution built on Azure AI Search. This software combines our user experience platform, SmartHub with 90+ Connectors to securely bring your data into Azure AI Search and deliver intelligent, actionable content search experiences, without bouncing between multiple systems looking for the right information.

By leveraging Microsoft Azure OpenAI capabilities along with Azure AI Services, AI Document Intelligence, and Azure Machine Learning, employees and customers can use traditional “search and refine” methods or conversational, chat-like search to uncover more precise and pertinent results, each time they input a search.

Integrated into our platform is support for vectorization — an advanced search technique that understands the semantic similarity between words to return more appropriate and precise answers.

Learn more about BA Insight's 90+ out of the box Connectors

Smart security mapping

Expose only content the user has access to through item level security trimming. Provide powerful security integration across the heterogeneous security schemes. Benefit from advanced security mapping that goes beyond the claims-based security of native search platforms.

Smart metadata mapping

Automatically map metadata and provide dataset lookup to external sources in order to augment and normalize fields. Manipulate metadata field through a flexible metadata mapping facility and scripting capability. Add supplementary information as content is indexed, associated, and crawled.

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