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One Insights - Predictable high-quality delivery consistently across value stream

One Insights, powered by is a Process & Engineering Insights Platform which helps customers meet their time to market goals by predictable and high-quality product delivery consistently. Using One Insights, organizations can optimize the return on investment (ROI) on DevOps tools, leading to a significant reduction in cycle time for requirements and improvement in efficiency and increased collaboration among teams. The insights are highly persona driven, thereby improving efficiencies of teams, portfolios, and the organization at large, by easing the decision making of CXOs, Scrum Masters, Architects, Product Owners, and other key stakeholder personas.

One Insights identifies the bottlenecks in Value Stream and notifies the stakeholders to address them early-on in the application delivery lifecycle, thereby achieving the following benefits-

Productivity Improvement by 35%

In quest of Agile/DevOps transformation, enterprises visualize initial success, post which the Velocity/Productivity of team seems to saturate. For incremental optimization, one must focus on eliminating the data silos caused by multitude of tools used by teams. One Insights applies analytics and ML techniques to build a platform to generate advanced insights by integrating the data silos into useful information and insights.

· Various team behavioral aspects like Code Commit Frequency, Unit Test Coverage for code, delivery of work against commitments are analyzed in team behavior analytics module, thereby giving a relative performance indication for each team member. This helps in bringing a continuous improvement culture through better team efficiency. This results in an overall improvement in productivity

· Automation of Static Code Analysis, Builds and Deployments reduces manual effort

Faster Time to Market by 30%

One Insights can help in improving time to market by

Optimizing Value Stream and reducing wait times: The value stream analysis module provides a clear view of cycle time and wait times for each task in a sprint. This identifies tasks which are delayed due to high wait times and addresses the dependencies to help complete those tasks on priority to reduce the overall lead time for sprint goals.

Identify risks early-on through highlights and Insights: The actionable insights also generate contextual highlights for any outlying items delaying sprint progress and if technical debt is affecting product quality goals. This helps the team to address those issues early in the sprint and expedite goal achievement.

45% Rework reduction:

Generally, teams do not focus on planning effort for defect prevention. As a result of which, towards the end of the sprint, they rush or struggle to complete DoD (definition of done) for stories targeted to be delivered in the sprint. One Insights uses machine learning algorithms-

· To predict and pre-empt defects for future sprints based on past trends.

· To give a view of automated unit testing for UI and Service components which helps the team in achieving higher unit test coverage and preventing the defect injection to future phases.

35% Superior Delivery Quality

The platform integrates the Code Quality analysis with build pipeline, ensuring an improved delivery quality. The build thresholds can be set to ensure that a certain level of quality goal is enforced in every build. The insights provide features to track code quality factors against goals and provides trends.

· Orchestrate code quality analysis and continuous integration

· Analyse failure patterns and avoid common mistakes

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