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eXperts Customer AI Solution

by Business Experts Gulf LLC

Experts Customer AI for insights on preference and behaviour in Microsoft D365 - Azure


eXperts Customer AI is an enterprise customer analytics software designed to provide in-depth insights into customer behaviours and preferences. By implementing eXperts Customer AI, companies can expect enhanced customer understanding, improved operational efficiency, and better-informed decision-making based on comprehensive and continuous data analytics.

Main Benefits of implementing eXperts Customer AI:

-Data-Driven Customer Health: Customer AI provides data-driven scorecards for every customer and segment, leveraging existing metrics for a comprehensive understanding of customer health​​.

-Modern Technology for Continuous Insight: Utilizing technologies like elastic compute, storage-on-demand, and advanced machine learning, Customer AI offers a continuous and unified view of customer analytics, enhancing productivity across business teams​​.

Key Features

  • Operational Driver Analytics
  • Generative AI Data Insights
  • Propensity to Renew Analytics
  • Net Recurring Revenue (NRR) Analytics
  • AI-Driven Core
  • Generative CX Analytics

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