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CampusCommunicator is a cloud-based platform for personalized, multi-media student communications.

Research validates that students and parents alike are confused and frustrated by the lengthy, jargon-intensive communications that they receive throughout the process of evaluating, applying to, and securing funding to attend a college or university. CampusCommunicator from CampusLogic moves beyond financial aid notifications into providing a platform through which to deliver a wide variety of customized, personalized communications that incorporate video, dynamic content, email and text notifications, multilingual options, and integrated calls-to-action, resulting in increased deliverability and utility of critical information. CampusCommunicator goes beyond traditional email to effectively reach students in innovative ways that enhance engagement and comprehension.  

Mobile, interactive, and student-centric, CampusCommunicator empowers more effective communications across the student financial success lifecycle. Since its original launch in 2014, more than 4 million student communications have been delivered, now encompassing a broad range of topics, including loan letters, scholarship notifications, College Financing Plans, loan grace period notifications, satisfactory academic progress appeal notifications, billing statements, and more.  CampusCommunicator helps schools personalize those communications via dynamic content that can be tied to students’ stage of the process, program of study, language preference, financial aid eligibility, scholarship qualification status, outstanding account balance, or a host of other unique attributes, which helps ensure that students keep moving through the process, helping to increase enrollment and retention rates.  

CampusCommunicator from CampusLogic is an entirely cloud-based service in the Azure Intelligent Cloud environment that allows higher education institutions to convert paper-based financial aid notifications to self-service, highly-personalized communications, increasing response rate and comprehension.  The solution is fully embedded within the Microsoft stack and providing security via the Azure world-class security, encryption, and keyvault client encryption management.

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