MultiVue Master Data Management


MultiVue enabling cloud based Customer Engagement and Business Insight

MultiVue creates the complete, accurate and shareable view of multi-domain data required by Government, Healthcare and Commercial organisations striving to transform their businesses by being more customer centric.

Critical factors to the success of business transformation are;

  • Ensuring the adoption of online services, so savings from the lower cost channels are actually realised.
  • Creating a platform to enabling further automation and cost saving from applying AI to the less complex, higher volume customer interactions.
  • Maximising the efficiency of contact centre processes to resolve most enquiries at the first point of contact and enhance customer experiences.
  • Achieve more complete and real-time insight to customers enabling better decision making on service delivery priorities and enhancing customer outcomes. Factors can include ;
    • social care,
    • support for children and the vulnerable,
    • supporting healthcare provision and analytics,
    • identifying cases of fraud and debt and;
    • increasing customer retention.
  • Improving the relevance of marketing content, that is also in keeping with customer preferences and consent for GDPR compliance.

To achieve the above, it is essential to ensure these processes are underpinned by data that is up to date, trusted and consistent across the systems interacting with your customers.

Our cloud-based data management platform, MultiVue, empowers you to consistently manage, improve and enrich data, ensuring the most complete and accurate view of the customer and all associated relationships is available to support all channels of engagement.

Key features include;

  • Proven deployment approach ensures a short time to business value – typically under 4 months.
  • Accurate data matching utilising a number of sophisticated algorithms and techniques to ensure high performance is maintained as data volumes scale along the data journey.
  • Ensuring efficient data stewardship through an intuitive user interface, for quick reviews and maintaining accurate customer records.
  • Real-time and bi-directional integration with CRM and portal systems.
  • MultiVue CRM Embed, provides rich integration with Microsoft Dynamics365 so the complete and accurate view of customers created by MultiVue is available through the Dynamics365 user interface.
  • This enables an ‘enterprise search’ across Dynamics365 and all systems integrated and ‘active registration’ which accelerates the customer interaction and avoids duplicate record creation. All via the Dynamics365 user interface, so no retraining required.
  • Providing the workflows in MultiVue Share to distribute changes in customer data across data sources, based on the agreed business rules.