Cognizant® Enterprise Data Explorer

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A natural language conversational teams virtual assistant with enterprise search capabilities

Cognizant® Enterprise Data Explorer is a gen AI platform accelerator that quickly and efficiently provides users with summarized information from different sources such as SharePoint, ITSM etc.

The majority of businesses today realise they hold significant value stored in their ever expanding enterprise datasets, the big challenge is how to unlock this value in a fast and easy manner.

An industry-agnostic solution, Cognizant® Enterprise Data Explorer solves this challenge by leveraging state-of-the-art Azure AI services securely trained on enterprise datasets to unlock this hidden value through natural language search. With a combination of advanced techniques, this virtual assistant chatbot uses natural language to search and summarize knowledge sourced within your organization. The context of the user’s conversation is considered and retained for the duration of the conversation.

The first step in the process involves utilizing the powerful Azure AI service. User questions are passed through this service, which employs cutting-edge vector search capabilities.

By harnessing the power of the Azure AI service and the search layer, it excels in delivering accurate and appropriate answers to user queries. The intelligent virtual assistant retrieves the most relevant knowledge base information, ensuring that users receive the information they seek in a timely manner, with a much lower effort required compared to viewing multiple files and performing traditional keyword searches.

Through its efficient use of Azure AI technologies, Cognizant® Enterprise Data Explorer offers an enhanced user experience, providing users with valuable insights and meaningful interactions. By staying at the forefront of evolving technologies, it continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions, transforming the way users engage with information.

Key Benefits include:

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: By utilizing advanced Azure AI services, it enhances the customer experience by providing accurate and relevant information promptly. This leads to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Cost Savings: The efficient use of Azure AI services in reduces the need for manual intervention and support, resulting in cost savings for businesses. The solution can handle a significant volume of user queries simultaneously, reducing the need for additional human resources.
  • Support for multiple languages: Offers support for users to query the virtual assistant using multiple languages (70+) for quick and successful insights.
  • Increased Efficiency: Helps streamline the process of retrieving information by leveraging the Azure AI service and search layer. This leads to improved operational efficiency and faster response times, enabling businesses to handle a higher volume of user interactions.
  • Scalability: Built on the Azure platform with cloud native technologies including Azure AI Services, it offers scalability for businesses. As customer demands increase, the solution can efficiently manage the influx of queries while being right-sized to demand.
  • Competitive Advantage: Incorporating advanced Azure OpenAI services in Cognizant® Enterprise Data Explorer gives businesses a competitive edge in the market. By offering an intelligent and interactive bot that can deliver prompt summarized answers, businesses can differentiate themselves and attract more customers who value efficient and personalized interactions.
  • Microsoft Teams assistance: Offers a teams connector for enabling the bot on a teams chat or channel.

The price and implementation duration will be estimated and customized based on client requirements identified during discovery phases.

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