C.AI Adoption Analytics

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Analytics platform to provide insights into your Microsoft Teams adoption

C.AI Adoption Analytics examines the Office 365 activities, like Microsoft Teams and E-Mail usage, of your company. While comparing the utilization of different features and collaboration patterns to industry-proven best practices, C.AI Adoption Analytics determines the degree of Microsoft Teams and modern work adoption. This provides rich insights and enables for KPI-based change management activities, like precise budget allocations and value adding training content. This will focus on the employee and his/her individual success, making them more productive using Microsoft Teams.
Not only insightful and objective adoption data will become visible, but also individual degrees of Microsoft Teams usage will be calculated, which will provide a company-wide realistic perspective into the status of your digital change and its ROI.

Typical benefit are: 
  • Increase active usage of Microsoft Teams - data based & scalable
  • Make success measurable and predictable
  • Increase employees' digital maturity level 
  • Collaborate according to best practices
  • Boost the full potential of modern work with Office 365
  • Ensure a sustainable Microsoft Teams adoption and new ways of work
  • Lead your change management based on facts

Target audience:
  • Decision makers
  • Departments responsible for 
    • Change management
    • Digitalization projects - especially Microsoft Teams
    • Training and enablement
This application is available in German.

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