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Daisee Pty Ltd

AI-driven speech analytics that drives compliance in every conversation with your customers

Lisa leverages AI and speech analytics to improve call centre regulatory compliance, managing risk and cost overhead of non-compliance. Lisa listens to all conversations every minute of every day, flagging non-compliance or compliance risks in real time.

Increased focus on conduct risk Businesses are incurring high costs to monitor customer channels for compliance breaches, as well as maintaining a consistent customer experience, however they cannot listen and act on every conversation

Insufficient supervisory coverage Only 2 to 5% of calls are ever reviewed, leaving businesses open to the risk of rogue agents, unqualified sales and regulatory fines.

Insufficient QM scorecards The Scorecards used for Quality Management by supervisors only cover a limited number of conversational factors and very little on other relevant areas such as sales, brand and the ever-increasing & changing demands of regulatory compliance.

Inconsistent customer experience Agent churn and inexperience means customers receive a very inconsistent and often non-compliant experience. Current speech analytics only provide verbatim transcriptions and search tools rather than an analysis based on context and meaning.