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Transparent ML with advanced NLP and bias detection capabilities which gives you deep data insights.

Transparency of Predictions:
Most Machine Learning platforms are opaque – they don’t explain the reasons behind their predictions, neither do they explain how they are processing your data. Both of these are essential to earn your trust in the platform’s usefulness. EazyML delivers on both counts, as a very transparent platform; it explains itself at every step; how it’s processing your data (traceability), and importantly, what are the key reasons for its prediction, displayed in an easy to understand way (explainability).

Powerful Textual Analytics:
We read a lot of textual content everyday which influences our decisions. Most Machine Learning platforms, can’t process text, limiting their ability to make accurate predictions. EazyML is the ONLY platform that extracts intelligence from textual data, well beyond the sentiments, making the predictions precise and correct. 

Easy to Use:
EazyML, as the name implies, is easy-to-use: No more grappling with libraries for data science or troubleshooting bugs in your code; instead, based on your skill level you decide how to use it: 

  • For the beginners, graphical interface takes you through the entire process in a series of easy-to- follow steps, and/or 
  • For advanced user, APIs to build customized solutions to get your project completed – fast and accurately!

If you have invested heavily in another Machine Learning platform, you don’t have to sacrifice it. EazyML has standard APIs to easily attach to your existing platform (e.g. Azure Machine Learning) and business process to do a specialized function that you want.

Easily deployable and scalable with your cloud (e.g. Azure VMs, Azure Load Balancer, etc.).

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