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AI/ML driven software for autonomous Azure IT Operations

Cloud is all-pervasive. It provides the benefit of agility & cost efficiency, provided that cloud migration and management is done prudently by adopting the latest AI-based technologies available to assist in this journey.

Enterprises have started to feel the pain from this rapid adoption and expansion of the cloud. Customers face numerous challenges in managing cloud operations, governance, and cost. It is estimated that almost 30% of cloud spending is wasted. AI will be critical to the enterprise's ability in managing the increasing complexity of cloud operations.

Top challenges faced by customers in managing cloud:

  • Increasing complexity in keeping CMDB up to date & visibility of cloud consumption patterns across business units
  • Diverse tools and silos of automation which further increase the complexity of cloud operations
  • Lack of actionable insights to manage cost
  • Lack of resources and expertise
  • Challenges gathering and analyzing data to support better insight and to improve outcomes
ignio AIOps for Azure addresses these challenges by providing visibility and intelligence across layers of Azure cloud services. ignio AIOps for Azure leverages Azure native technologies and APIs to bring visibility to a diverse set of data together in one’s Azure estate and provide actionable insights to better manage it.

Key capabilities:

  • Blueprinting: Provides visibility across Azure cloud resources and normal behavior profiles of its performance and capacity matrices, with advanced pattern detection, thereby laying the foundation for actionable insights
  • Cloud Analyze: Provides resource-level actionable insight to effectively manage and control cloud waste and sprawl
  • Health Check: Proactive health check & diagnostics ensure high availability of mission-critical applications & services
  • Single pane of glass: To manage all events & alerts with advanced AI capabilities for noise reduction, alert correlation,anomaly detection, root cause analysis, and intelligent triaging

ignio capabilities, can be extended to other standard technologies like Operating Systems, Databases, Web Servers, App Servers, & so on, in addition to Azure native services building a comprehensive solution to better manage the entire Azure estate.  CONTINUE EXPLORING...

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