Corporate Identity Document Assembly for Office365

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Corporate Identity Document Assembly for Office365

This application is available in Dutch and English.

We offer cloud based Corporate identity solutions for MS Office365, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Excel. Do you want uniformity in all your corporate documents, presentations and email signatures? The do365suite, do365docs, do365slides and do365MailSignature will realize this ambition instantly. 

Your users will benefit from easy-to-use corporate templates, images, fonts and styles.

So, no more differences in your corporate letters, presentations or email signings? Call DotOffice today!

DotOffice for the last 15 years has automated corporate identity solutions for over 400 companies. In Legal, Finance, Accountancy, Government, Education, Engineering and Healthcare. We can help you with all your questions and challenges in template management in MS Office and will have broad experience in your line of business.

Further of knowing your business specifics. We also are masters of integration from and to MS Office. So if you want smart integration of you document management DMS system with MS Word? We can help make live easier. If you want smart integration with your customer management CRM, ERP or finance system and MS Word? We already done it elsewhere. If you want to integrate customer information and combine this smart with your DMS via MS Word or Outlook. We will show you the power and ease of use for your employees and raise the use and acceptance of both CRM and DMS via making live easier solutions and integrations.

Last we specialize in Business Process document automation and smart contract drafting with our SmartBuilder product. 

So want to safe time and money and at the same time enforce the corporate identity, bringing uniformity and quality in all documents and presentations within you company. Lets chat.


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