EasyTerritory - Maps for Manufacturing


Territory Management, maps and location intelligence for Manufacturing.

EasyTerritory for Manufacturing is a robust application for boundary management and data visualization for the manufacturing and machine tooling industry. EasyTerritory can be used stand-alone or integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement, Finance and Operations, or Power BI. Easily map customers, sales territory, and distributor boundaries, and areas of protection (AOPs) using the immersive Azure Maps!


  • Integration: Map Accounts, Leads, Opportunities, and Assets or any other entity or custom entity data from Dynamics 365 or upload data via Excel directly into the application.
  • Territory Management: Build and manage sales territory and distribution boundaries from US ZIP Codes, Counties, States, or manually drawn shapes.
  • Business Intelligence: Overlay vital business data such as Stores, Distributors, Assets, Accounts, or Contacts from Dynamics 365 to get valuable business-intel with classifications, filtering, and instant statistics.
  • Mobile Mapping: Mobile maps enable your outside sales reps to see who is aroung them while working out in the field.
  • Travel-time Rings: Create travel-time rings around distributor locations or warehouses see drive-times in regular and heavy traffic conditions.
  • Export to Marketing List: Select records on the map and export results to a Dynamics 365 Marketing List.
  • Upload Your Data: Import address information from an Excel or CSV document.
  • Weather Data: Visualize weather radar overlay to see how storms might impact Stores, Assets, or the supply chain.
  • Dashboard: Embed EasyTerritory maps within a Dynamics 365 dashboard or entity form.
  • Leading MapPoint Alternative: EasyTerritory is the leading MapPoint upgrade and replacement.
  • Azure Maps: EasyTerritory leverages the powerful Azure Maps platform for geocoding, base maps, routing, and travel-time rings.

Deployment Options

  • Cloud-hosted: EasyTerritory for Manufacturing solution can be cloud-hosted by EasyTerritory. We leverage the Microsoft Azure Cloud for the highest level of security, business continuity, and performance.
  • On-premises: EasyTerritory for Manufacturing can also be installed in on a Windows Server in your data center or an Azure VM under your Azure tenant.