Exite M365 Platform Insights

di Exite ICT BV

This application enables Exite ICT to check your Microsoft 365 platform.

Plan Overview:
* Exite - M365 Platform Insights (EMPI)

With our "Exitiiing" vision we are able to get the best of the Microsoft 365 cloud. With our CSP experience over many years, we are able to deliver a secure, high-performance, and scalable platform.
This EMPI plan creates insights over your Microsoft 365 platform. This application has READER-only permissions and stores Identity and M365 information in our database. It is used to create Exitiiing reports. Reports we want to provide. The main focus is on:

* Security: Checks the security state of the M365 platform, like secure score.
* Devices: Checks the device's state.
* Identity: Checks for identity best practices from Microsoft and Exite sides.
* Reporting: Captures data out of the platform for reporting purposes.

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