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The future of health care

Solution Overview
The mega health trends of our time center around personalization, technology adoption, smart AI and facilitating health care equitably for all. The COVID-19 pandemic in particular has accelerated the transition to virtual, digitally enhanced smart care and wellness.

EY Smart Health Analytics is a modular solution comprised of AI libraries that accelerate the application of analytical capabilities and reduce implementation complexity. AI libraries are pre-constructed to accelerate data preparation, modeling and visualization. By integrating and analyzing data inside and outside of the health enterprise about an individual, EY Smart Health Analytics can fully tailor the care experience and anticipate the needs of each patient.

The EY Smart Health Analytics experience includes scalable personalization of care through data aggregation, dashboards and predictive modeling at the individual and population health level leveraging digital twin technology. The EY Smart Health Analytics Digital Patient Twin tool adds value by using data outside of health systems to bring a more holistic view of an individual or population, helping not only to identify the problem, but also to recommend possible courses of action to identify the right solution.

Solution Benefits

  • Combine data from a full range of internal and external sources to create live data sets that provide a broad view of each patient
  • Retain full control of data and how it is used and share relevant insights with patients in ways that improve care and build trust
  • Use data sets and algorithms customized to meet specific needs, create relevant insights based on a fuller understanding of the patients and populations
  • Identify how a patient’s wider context could affect their health today and, in the future, and how to provide better care and support with the resources at your disposal
  • Make it easier for people across the health ecosystem, clinicians, management and partners to understand insights so they can take action that makes a difference
  • Use powerful visualizations to filter what doesn’t matter and focus on what does

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