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Every responsible employer around the world relies on Faethm for navigating the Future of Work.

Faethm AI is the world’s data source to understand the impact of automation on economies, industries, companies, jobs, tasks, skills and people.Faethm’s SaaS AI platform was launched in 2017 and has grown rapidly to now serve Governments and Companies in 21 industries and 26 Countries from offices in Sydney, London and Austin. A sophisticated knowledge graph and multiple AIs underpin platform modules that deliver data and insights about automation, reskilling and redeploying workers for new jobs, economic and investment scenario modelling and COVID resilience and remote working. This enables CHROs, CIO, Heads of Transformation to answer three burning questions:
  1. How will these external forces create the most opportunity across the workforce?
  2. What jobs in the workforce will be most impacted by the external forces?
  3. How can you create re-skilling pathways to the workforce of the future?
In 2018 Faethm was one of the first companies globally to be invited to join the World Economic Forum’s Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Awards since include the Tech Rocketship award for AI from the UK Government’s Department for International Trade, an EU HR Excellence award for the Government of Luxembourg Skills Bridge program and Best New Tech Platform from the Australian Computer Society.

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