Edison Datalogue Connect

di GE Healthcare

Connect the community through patient-centric collaboration and advanced care coordination.

Edison Datalogue Connect is a multi-purpose, secure, patient data collaboration solution which can enable distributed care teams to more efficiently and comprehensively collaborate on patient cases helping reduce handling costs[i] for foreign studies, time preparing for multi-disciplinary meetings[ii], increase patient referrals and share images and records directly with patients. The solution is highly flexible and can be deployed as a SaaS solution (cloud agnostic) or on premise in a secure and scalable environment. Discover how to easily connect the community through collaboration and advanced care coordination.

[i] ACR estimates $15 to 25 USD per disc in 2014:

[ii] BMC Medicine 2007, “Multidisciplinary team meetings and their impact on workflow in radiology and pathology departments,” Bridget Kane, Saturnino Luz, D Sean O'Briain and Ronan McDermott

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