HappySignals IT Experience Management Platform

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Manage end-user experiences with IT and increase employee happiness and productivity

HappySignals helps enterprises to measure end-user experiences across all IT touchpoints, share experience data, identify focus areas, and drive data-driven improvements – all on one platform.

Manage experiences across 9 Ticket-based and Proactive IT areas: Overall IT Experience, Support Services, Remote Work, Office Environment, Laptops and Computers, Mobile Devices, Enterprise Applications, Collaboration with IT, and Service Portal.

Key Features

  • Quantify end-user happiness and productivity for all IT areas, and understand why end-users are unhappy or losing time
  • Get a continuous stream of reliable and comparable experience data across all of IT
  • Effortless real-time data reporting straight from the platform
  • Intuitive drill-down analytics to identify focus areas
  • Global nchmarks and Support Profiles
  • Built-in Experience Level Agreement (XLA) Management
  • Intuitive platform interface designed to be used by anyone

Regardless of your role in IT, HappySignals helps tackle common challenges:

  • CIOs can achieve better business outcomes with IT, and prove it with data
  • IT Leaders can create a common focus for IT around Experience, with one unified platform
  • Service Owners can make data-driven decisions to improve IT services

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