Cherrywork® Intelligent Task Management

di Incture Technologies

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Cherrywork®️ Intelligent Task Management consolidates multiple systems, workflows, and associated tasks into an effective, unified workbench, to ensure users have all the data they require. ​This is a comprehensive and collaborative task and work management tool, that helps users overcome operational challenges and improves workflow efficiency


  • Intelligent work management platform
  • Quick & easy deployment
  • Open integration & mobility
  • Flexible commercial packages​

Enhance process, performance and efficiency

  • Maximize productivity through unified digital workspace
Single Effective Inbox

Multiple systems, workflows and numerous tasks are all consolidated into a single effective Inbox

  • Stop firefighting with task based collaboration
In-built chat

Share attachments, receive notifications, watch channels, and tag people through inbuilt chat capability

  • Get productive &efficient with web and mobile applications
Offline mode

Perform all your tasks using the WorkApp mobile application. The app runs on both iOS and Android and has biometrics and passcode security.

  • Gather intelligent analytics for data-driven decisions

Increased effectiveness, better visibility, data-driven decisions with single of glass view of resources and tasks

  • Redefine user experience with conversational AI capability

Intelligent chatbot assistant, to help you navigate the application easily and manage complex tasks.

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