eFiLiA IP Industry

di Interasco GmbH

Enterprise Intellectual Property Management Software for Companies

Efficient Collaboration

with inventors, special departments, & external services

By choosing eFiLiA IP Industrie, you transfer your in-house patent management into the digital age. The software ensures an efficient IP strategy coupled with a transparent administration and an established solution for inventor remuneration.

Benefit from flexibility, adaptability, and intuitiveness – big and small businesses have been trusting in our IP solutions for years.

Inventions & Remuneration

Facilitate the filing of invention disclosures, remunerate the inventors, and accelerate work processes in the patent department.

Business Management & Portfolio

Plan your corporate strategy and adjust your patent portfolio accordingly.

IP Procedures & IP Management

Numerous stored processes support you in prosecution and docketing: Automate a wide range of IP procedures and never lose track of important files and documents.

Communication & Collaboration

Globally communicate with patent departments, inventors, and external attorneys through features that support transparent exchange and efficient collaboration – all on one platform.

Integrated Services

The choice of the IT architecture and the usage model (On-Premises or Cloud), data migration, and mapping your processes are critical tasks involved when introducing an IP management system.

Basic Functions

Discover numerous basic systems that make your everyday life easier with document and deadline management tools, workflow systems, import and export of data, and many more.

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